Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can Animal Waste Be Useful?

Huge quantity of animal waste is a concern for the animal owners. Throwing it in landfills create harmful gases and pollute environment. Though animal waste is used as bio fuel for decades, the technique used is very harmful. Recycling of animal waste through advanced techniques has multiple benefits: pollution control, natural resources protection and money as well as energy saving.

People who are updated with the latest technologies and know about different machines can easily convert the waste into a profitable thing. They know how to make money from animal poop. Briquetting plants can easily process the dried animal waste to make briquettes. These are used as an alternate energy source of fossil fuels.
What more??
This is a renewable energy source with sustainable growth. So, if you know the right techniques, you will never call animal waste a poop, for it will be a raw-material for you.

In villages you must have seen females burning dung cakes in earthen lamps. Though it is also an energy source, but the amount of pollution and CO2 created by it is very high. Processing of the waste into machines takes out these drawbacks and makes it useful for the user as well as the environment.

There are various benefits of using briquetting machines for conversion of animal waste into briquettes:
• The solid material after processing can be used as bedding.

• The owner can generate new revenue sources by selling the briquettes to industries.

• The unhygienic surrounding and diseases created by the fly population on the manure can be controlled.

• Biogas can be used as the electricity source in villages or areas with pool power supply.

After knowing so many uses of animal waste, I guess you won’t call it a waste anymore. You can also combine animal manure with other biomass waste like crops residues, furniture waste, sawdust and construction waste to generate briquettes of varied qualities.

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