Friday, December 26, 2014

Briquetting Plant

Utilization of Agricultural waste, Forestry waste, Industrial waste by Conversion into Bio-coal / Briquetting.



We are aware of the fact that existence of mankind on this planet is due to nature’s favour. The nature has energy, enthusiasm and simplicity. Inter dependency of human being and nature is universal fact. The prevention of nature is prime duty of mankind. To keep the ecological environment undisturbed and balanced is the never-ending need of mankind especially in this world of advanced technology. As we know that haphazard use of natural resources will bring the end sooner.


Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools has a pleasure to offer a Briquetting Plant to contribute in maintaining and preserving natural and ecological balance. Some of the natural waste or unused material such as industrial & the agricultural waste are input for our finished product. This ultimately produces energy to utilize the natural resources at maximum and recreate a product which will create energy in a cyclical process to preserve the natural resources.  Our “Briquetting Plant” which works on the above theory without creating pollution is again a great friend of ecological preservation system.


We request you to strengthen our hands to maintain nature without pollution and increase the life span of mankind for years to come.



Oh!!! The Nature thou tenderness reminds us of mother’s love,

You are kind enough to save mankind,

We promise for your care forever…..forever…..forever…..

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