Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Briquetting Plant Manufacturer 
Biomass Briquettes are out of the box concept that unanimously recognized as a new energy source because of the raw material used in its manufacturing is very cheap. As a JAY KHODIYAR GROUP, We are the key makers in biomass briquette machines and we are providing the most effective machines and technologies at cheap worth to fit in customer’s necessities. We are believing in REuse, REduce and REcycle.


Now a days more people have paid attention to new energy resource and biomass briquettes is the popular choice. We are a leading manufacturer of biomass briquette machine in India and as well as in all across the world. We had equipped over Briquette Press worldwide. The main role of these plants is to be convert residues into solid fuels with the help of briquetting machines. Being a leading biomass briquettes machine manufacturer in the world, we offer our quality products at best possible rates. Even though most people wouldn't think it, these are the important to creating a better world and a better future. JAY KHODIAR Dharane has engineered in to most reliable and efficient briquetting and compacting equipment.
The JAY KHODIYAR Group has expanded its operations over three major equipment. As a leading manufacturer, we are mainly focusing on these three biomass machines.
1.      Biomass Briquette Machine
2.      Biomass Crusher/Shredder
3.      Biomass Dryer
We have many variants in biomass briquette machine, Biomass crusher and Biomass dryer as well. If any customer requires full plant then we have to supply all these machine as per their requirements. As the requirements are different for each application, we provide briquetting and shredding machines and dryer machines of various capacities. Simple cycle of raw material to output (briquette) is as under:
Waste is shredded into equal materials through our shredding machines then the material is passing to the dryer. Then after the fine material is sent through briquetting machine to form the most efficient form of fuel.

Waste         Shredding        Drying         Briquetting

There are a large number of briquette plant manufacturer who are engaged in the manufacturer of briquette machine. These manufacturers are capable in the briquette machine design to offer their clients best performance. Briquette machine manufacturers are also considered to be briquetting plant suppliers which include briquetting press manufacturers.
Biomass Briquetting is completed to forestry waste and agriculture waste that helps to clean our world. It produce less ash content and by utilizing this unwanted waste into energy we tend to save our valuable natural resources of fuels. Hygiene is the base of health, that is the proverb or phrase that we often hear. We are doing the same by using biomass briquette machine.
Briquette plant is manufactured which can press the briquette of high quality. Briquetting is a method of using raw material to be compressed under high pressure. These machinery assists to convert any biomass waste into a large size as per convenience of customer’s requirements. The project provides wonderful viability. The whole payback amount of the project is approx. 2 year. Its pollution free and no hazard during this project.
All the machine which is manufactured by us is easy to operate, handle, and maintains. If you want to increase the life span of machine, you have do servicing regularly. Briquette can be used for any purpose like industrial or cooking purpose. There are many advantages to use biomass briquettes like it replace petrol, diesel etc. Using biomass briquettes we can save more trees.
Why we are leading industry? Because we work together with customers to find out the best possible way to handling their wastes and customer satisfaction is our motto. We stress on making durable and reliable machine which customer can use it very long with less trouble or maintenance required, at the affordable price.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can Animal Waste Be Useful?

Huge quantity of animal waste is a concern for the animal owners. Throwing it in landfills create harmful gases and pollute environment. Though animal waste is used as bio fuel for decades, the technique used is very harmful. Recycling of animal waste through advanced techniques has multiple benefits: pollution control, natural resources protection and money as well as energy saving.

People who are updated with the latest technologies and know about different machines can easily convert the waste into a profitable thing. They know how to make money from animal poop. Briquetting plants can easily process the dried animal waste to make briquettes. These are used as an alternate energy source of fossil fuels.
What more??
This is a renewable energy source with sustainable growth. So, if you know the right techniques, you will never call animal waste a poop, for it will be a raw-material for you.

In villages you must have seen females burning dung cakes in earthen lamps. Though it is also an energy source, but the amount of pollution and CO2 created by it is very high. Processing of the waste into machines takes out these drawbacks and makes it useful for the user as well as the environment.

There are various benefits of using briquetting machines for conversion of animal waste into briquettes:
• The solid material after processing can be used as bedding.

• The owner can generate new revenue sources by selling the briquettes to industries.

• The unhygienic surrounding and diseases created by the fly population on the manure can be controlled.

• Biogas can be used as the electricity source in villages or areas with pool power supply.

After knowing so many uses of animal waste, I guess you won’t call it a waste anymore. You can also combine animal manure with other biomass waste like crops residues, furniture waste, sawdust and construction waste to generate briquettes of varied qualities.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Manufacturing Biggest Production Capacity Machine name  Jumbo 9075.

  • Largest Production Capacity
  • Special Siemens Gadgets
  • Finished Product: Pollution free Briquettes
  • Best Quality  Product
  • Best Service Gaurantee

Friday, December 26, 2014

Briquetting Plant

Utilization of Agricultural waste, Forestry waste, Industrial waste by Conversion into Bio-coal / Briquetting.



We are aware of the fact that existence of mankind on this planet is due to nature’s favour. The nature has energy, enthusiasm and simplicity. Inter dependency of human being and nature is universal fact. The prevention of nature is prime duty of mankind. To keep the ecological environment undisturbed and balanced is the never-ending need of mankind especially in this world of advanced technology. As we know that haphazard use of natural resources will bring the end sooner.


Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools has a pleasure to offer a Briquetting Plant to contribute in maintaining and preserving natural and ecological balance. Some of the natural waste or unused material such as industrial & the agricultural waste are input for our finished product. This ultimately produces energy to utilize the natural resources at maximum and recreate a product which will create energy in a cyclical process to preserve the natural resources.  Our “Briquetting Plant” which works on the above theory without creating pollution is again a great friend of ecological preservation system.


We request you to strengthen our hands to maintain nature without pollution and increase the life span of mankind for years to come.



Oh!!! The Nature thou tenderness reminds us of mother’s love,

You are kind enough to save mankind,

We promise for your care forever…..forever…..forever…..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools

Sanjay Tilala
M. Director & Chairman
Shri Sanjay Tilala is an experienced businessman, a mechanical mastermind. however a self - taught person. He was born into a humble farmers family, in a small village Pal [ Rajkot ] in Gujarat. Since 1994 his business has flourished in leaps & bounds. From a humble beginning now he has a large business Howe with an impeccable reputation.
His flagship factory M/S JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS that makes Biomass Briquetting Plants. He has recently developed & researches the New Models of Biomass Briquetting Plant. The production of this Plant involves latest technology. At present the company prepares Biomass Briquetting Plants of different models. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools has a large production capacity of these plants and also quality assurance.
This achievement has assured the company of good demand for this product, from the indigenous market as well as from other countries. The company is exporting quality goods to foreign countries, where it has a good reputation and hence a market share. The company also plants to establish more EXPORT market apex.